Passion For Hair

My passion for hair and this industry runs deep. This is what I love to do, what I live to do, and what I was created to do. I have no doubt that this is my purpose.

Luckily, at a young age I discovered my love of color, creativity, and art. My love for hair soon followed with me playing with my doll’s hair, my hair, and friend’s hair.

When did I know that this was something I couldn’t live without? I think it was sometime in my first year of college that I had this feeling that I was not in the right place. Something didn’t fit. I looked at a few hair schools and made a plan to go as soon as possible, leaving college behind. I knew that this was right for me, I didn’t have one hesitation. Still to this day, I can’t imagine doing anything different.

I knew that my goal was to open a salon after I was doing hair a few years. That dream came a reality in May 2014. Along side my sister-in-law and business partner, Jill Miller, we opened our first salon and spa together called Bow & Arrow. Bow & Arrow is a wonderful haven for us and our clients that we enjoy going to everyday. The salon is currently located on Hanover Street in the North End of Boston. We couldn’t be more excited to see what is next for our salon!

My career with hair started over 10 years ago and working behind the chair has led me to owning a salon. I also love educating and sharing my knowledge with everyone. My l I hope that you find great hair tips and tricks here on the blog to start to love your hair! I also will be sharing great advice for stylist as well as hair tips for everyone at home!

It’s time to love your hair!

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