Love Your Hair – Tips at home No.1


I take for granted sometimes that I know a lot about hair and not every single person in my chair may know the “simple” tips that I take  for granted.

Hair tips will be an ongoing segment to remind everyone the important things to be doing at home on a regular basis.

Hair Tips No.1

  • Don’t sleep with your hair wet
  • Brush your (dry) hair regularly
  • Brush your scalp
  • Brushing wet hair is bad – Try to only use a detangling brush or comb that is gentle when hair is wet. Make sure to use a protective detangling spray to help protect your hair.
  • Brush your scalp and your hair before shampooing
  • Use cold water at the end of shampoo and conditioner to close down your cuticle for extra shine
  • Use hot water when trying to open the cuticle to remove product build-up, hair color build-up, or release color fast
  • Use cool water when trying to keep color in longer, keep frizz down, lock-in moisture, and lock-in conditioner or masque

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