The beauty industry can be overwhelming when it comes to what you chose to buy. Advertising and marketing is usually the reason we end up buying certain shampoos, styling products, and tools for at home use. I always try to keep myself and my clients educated when it comes to ingredients in products. Marketing can fool you when you see buzz words like natural, clean, clear, free of, and other similar words. These words mean absolutely nothing!

Studies show our skin absorbs up to 60% of the substances applied to its surface, sometimes more. That means the ingredients rubbed on your face, hands, body and hair will be absorbed and end up in the bloodstream. Know what you are putting on, and in, your body.

The one stamp you can trust is “USDA Organic”. But even organic products can contain questionable ingredients. Read each ingredient carefully.

There are only 10 banned ingredients in the U.S., but more than 1,400 in Europe. Manufacturers often make two versions of the same product; one for the US, and a cleaner version for Europe. Don’t wait for the US regulations to catch up before cleaning up your beauty routine. Just remember to know what you are buying!

Here are my tips when it comes to making decisions on what brands and products to support with your investment.

  • Know the company you are buying from
  • Know the ingredients
  • Know why you are choosing options like “sulfate free” and make sure it really is
  • Know the integrity of business practices from the company you buy from
  • Small changes can lead to big changes
  • Stay informed
  • Listen to your stylist about products


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