Why New Wash is the only product you need in the shower.

If you are a hair client at Bow & Arrow, you know that my at-home maintenance suggestion is NEW WASH!

You also know that the entire line from Hairstory has completely changed not only my own hair, but I’d say at least 80% of my client’s hair. Every single person that made the switch is seeing the benefits and are raving about this product.

This whole line has blown me away since the first time I have used it in my own hair, about 2 years ago. But more importantly, it is changing all of our clients hair and scalp for the better. This innovative line created by Bumble & Bumble founder, Michael Gordon, is a new approach to your at-home haircare. LESS IS MORE.

It’s simple. If you don’t use detergent (shampoo), your hair will be better, happier, shinier, healthier, and effortless. In fact, I don’t really need products anymore. I mean, my whole life I have been product obsessed, so this is a whole new concept for me too. My hair is actually behaving without the need of any products. Seriously. Air-drying has never been better. And what is so cool is I only need one product now. No shampoo, conditioner, mask, clarifying shampoo, deep treatments, and no switching between products. This one product is it for me. Our backbar in the salon has dwindled, my shower isn’t stocked anymore. I am using less and seeing major results.

Another reason I love it so much is because I can use this on every single client. This product is made for every single hair type. No more “for fine hair” “for curly hair” “for color treated hair”… all those options are just confusing and not necessary.

New wash is made with essential oils. If you know me, you know I love essential oils and natural products. So, think of this as your natural alternative to shampoo and conditioner. Just say no to suds. Not only does detergent strip our hair from everything good, but it does quite a number on our scalps. Remember, if your scalp is not healthy, your hair will not be healthy either. It’s time to embrace your hair texture and let your hair be. What are you waiting for? Healthy hair rocks.


If you are a hairdresser, sign up for a complimentary bottle on me here:



If you are a client or just someone curious about it… email me your name and email and I will get you 25% off your first online order!! Totally worth trying.



Cheers to healthy hair!


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