What you can expect at a hair color appointment.


Here is what to expect when you book with one of our color specialists at our salon Bow & Arrow! We do a color consultation with every single new color client to ensure proper timing and appointment is booked. Be prepared to wait 4-8 weeks for hair color when requesting an appointment. Book the first available online and then we will email you a consultation. Most first time clients should book 2.5-3 hours minimum, it’s safe to select “full balayage with blow-dry” or “full balayage with cut” for timing purposes before the email consult is sent.

What an email consultation looks like

  • We ask for current hair pictures and color history, along with pictures and description of desired results.
  • Have a few inspiration pictures to show us what you do like and don’t like.
  • We work with you towards your goal, one appointment at a time, with the health of your hair being our number one priority.
  • We do build a relationship with you and ask for patience during the processes.
  • We are a good fit for someone looking for a hair stylist to trust and work towards your goal. We are not a good fit for you if you are looking for one appointment and magic to happen.
  • Sometimes we say no. (Health of the hair is a priority, and sometimes cannot be processed.)
  • Hair color is a chemical and must be treated with caution.
  • We clarify and cleanse dirty hair before coloring it. We do need to know if you have hard water, take medication, or have used OTC dandruff shampoo
  • Hair color is not predictable on previous colored hair, but we do our best to get you to a wearable color in-between your goal.
  • Some goals do take 3 or more appointments.
  • We are trained in the latest techniques and trends as well as knowledgable in the science and chemistry of hair color.

Color corrections

  • A lot of first time color clients have previous colored hair and should note that we consider this a correction when changing from an old color to a new color.
  • Color corrections take time, patience, and money. Not all corrections can be done in 1 sitting or day.
  • Some corrections can take a year. Patience is key.
  • When we make a plan, we ask you to be ok with one session at a time and not expect to have your desired goal after one appointment. Again, patience is key. AND Communication is key.
  • Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised how beautiful hair color looks after one session. Not all “in-between” hair colors look bad!


  • Plan on 2.5-3 hours for your first hair color visit, depending on stylist you are seeing.
  • Balayage is not always right for you or your desired goal. Ask us what should be booked if you are unsure.
  • Balayage looks different on every single person because it is working with your natural hair. Not everyone has the same natural hair color, texture, or porosity.
  • Our balayage appointments include a gloss to customize a tone.
  • You will receive a cool rinse after your hair color to close the cuticle and lock-in your hair color. A little chilly, but worth it!

At-home maintenance

  • Hair color should not be washed, and should not have the use of alcohol based products or aerosol sprays for a minimum of 24 hours, 48 hours ideally.
  • We will not use hairspray, alcohol based products, or products that are not pH balanced, these products range from 4.5-5.5, at your appointment and neither should you for the time stated above.
  • We ask to trust us on the products that must be used at home to insure your hair color investment. Without use of specific products, you could be washing your investment down the drain.
  • Trust your hair stylist to make the best decision for you and your hair health.

Other things to know

  • Check out each of our stylists Instagram page to see if you have a preference on stylist. @jennyballantynehair @blondedbykay and our owner @kellyn.bowandarrow
  • We book far in advance, so sometimes it is best to book 2-3 appointments at a time for higher maintenance color clients. (root touch-ups)
  • Make sure you come to your appointment with clean hair.


Most importantly, We love color and can’t wait to make your color dreams come true!

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