How essential oils replaced my medicine cabinet

Are you ready for a medicine cabinet makeover? You will throw out your over the counter meds once you try these oils by Young Living. They’re 100% natural, good for you, and 100% pure. The essential oils are amazing to help alleviate all sorts of things from allergies, poor sleeping, skin issues, headaches, bug bites, sore throats, coughs, colds, flu, stuffy noses, energy and the list goes on and on.

The essential oils from Young Living are all therapeutic grade oils you can diffuse, apply topically, and ingest.  Basically things that you’d typically run to the medicine cabinet for.

Our family or our friends have had success with these oils:

  • Purification: on mosquito bites, freshen the air, healthy and clear skin, wellness   
  • Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint: allergies    
  • Pan away: headaches, growing pains and muscle aches, energizing       
  • Frankincense: acne and warts, anti-aging, cellular health, grounding, mood balancing, musculoskeletal support   
  • Valor: snoring, anxiety, stress relief, empowers self-confidence, supports focus, reduces back soreness      
  • Lavender: diaper rash, scrapes and cuts, restful sleep, reduces mental stress    
  • Thieves: teething and oral health, fighting illness, sore throat, bug bites   
  • Peppermint: tummy aches, headaches, fevers
  • Cedarwood: restful sleep, calming and grounding, promote hair growth
  • Copaiba: anti-inflammatory, supports overall wellness
  • Digize: eases bloating and gas, heartburn
  • Lemongrass: anti-inflammatory, promotes circulation
  • Orange: overall wellness, increase happiness
  • RC: opens respiratory channels
  • Lemon: enhances mental clarity, supports digestive system
  • Tea Tree: blemishes, open up respiratory channels, skin irritations
  • Peppermint: stomach discomfort, digestion, headaches
  • Oregano: overall wellness, anti-inflammatory, removes skin tags and warts
  • Stress Away: balance everyday emotions, mood boosting, muscle aches

essentail oils

I have been totally amazed at how versatile these oils are. And they work. I really wanted to try to find more natural and healthier alternatives for me and my family and I am so happy to say that these oils have truly replaced our medicine cabinet at home. I also use them every single day in my diffuser at home and the salon. The diffuser blends can help energize, relive allergies, keep the air clean, or help with a sense of grounding. There are so many things I use these oils for! 

Is there anything specific you want from EO’s? Anything that you might benefit from or your family might use? Sore muscles, sound sleep, allergies, eczema, cold/flu, acne, headaches, weight loss, etc? I can probably direct you in the right direction. If you’re just wanting to get your feet wet, the best way is the Premium Starter Kit (That’s where I would HIGHLY recommend you start). This is how I started with the oils. It is easy to get started when you have 11 oils that work for such a wide range of ailments.  Without the options, I don’t think I would have had discovered my love of the oils without the starter kit. 

If you want to learn more or have questions, feel free to reach out to me or sign-up here to get started with your own starter kit!

In health and wellness,


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