How Living Consciously Has Improved My Wellbeing

I am a big believer in finding time for yourself and what matters most. This time will look different for every person, so it’s hard to say what self-care looks like for you. I have been on this journey of mindfulness since becoming a business owner. I realized that I have people that I inspire and who I am inspired by every day, and I want to be the best version of myself I can be – not just for me, but for the women that are in my life, the clients that walk in our doors, and the team that looks up to me. This has been a lifelong journey of self-awareness and requires a dedication to mindfulness that I am happy to have discovered.


This journey began by consciously “showing up” for work every day. That means leaving the energy that I knew wasn’t going to serve me at the door and instead creating a space that welcomes open, honest and authentic conversations. These conversations opened my eyes to new experiences and changes I could make in my day-to-day life, one of which was eating mindfully. As a kid, I was sick all the time – visits to the doctors and medication were the norm for me. But once I started feeding my body healthy, whole, organic foods and cutting out processed foods, I became a different person. I witnessed my anxiety melt away, skin clear up, stomach aches stop and digestion return to “normal.” I began sleeping through the nights and woke with a clear mind. I knew then that food was playing and had played a huge role in my sickness to this point.


Another life-changing self-care practice was removing all toxins from my house and as much as we could from our salon, replacing them with essential oils, natural cleaners and removing harsh hair treatments from our services menu that were known to cause harmful side effects.


Seeing how these small changes could have a major impact has brought me to the latest chapter in life – becoming a leader, growing my team and salon, and showing up for them every day. My life turned a corner when I met my amazing business coach, Nina, who encourages gratitude, saying “yes” to days off, putting self-care first, and focusing on doing the hard work from the inside. We all have work to do on ourselves and we have to make sure we put the time in. Last year was the year that I worked on myself, read books that helped open my mind, and made gratitude a daily practice. I am forever grateful for her.


This year, as I continue my mindfulness journey, I’m committed to putting gratitude, self-care days, conscious eating, mindful conversations and ‘balance’ first. I know myself, my purpose and my rhythm. This doesn’t mean I don’t fall off or get caught up in the grind. This just means I am aware what I need to do and, if and when I lose sight of that, I have the support I need to bring me back.


So, cheers to another year of fulfilling your purpose, working toward your dreams, learning more about yourself and being committed to happiness.




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