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If you are a hair client at Bow & Arrow, you know that I love New Wash more than any other product out there right now. You also know that the entire line from Hairstory has completely changed not only my own hair, but I’d say at least 80% of my clients that have made […]

Empower yourself

I talk a lot about products and ingredients. It is hard to know what to trust in the United States. I did a post on a short list from another trusted website, but wanted to share a few more organizations that are helping change the beauty and cosmetic industries. The Environmental Working Group’s mission is to […]


Spending time with family and loved ones around the holidays brings out a lot of emotions and feelings. These emotions can be hard to deal with for some. My journey of wellness always brings me back to the positive thoughts and the feeling of gratitude.  This is a hard thing to always keep in perspective, […]